Custom Color Matching

Custom Color Matching

Here are just some of the ways you can improve your looks through Custom Color Matching

Custom Color Matching

Here at Out of Kit as you well know we have our standard 4 colors to choose from Light, Medium, Tan, and Dark.

But some times you need even more precise color matching. Well we offer that service as well. For an additional fee we can match the skin tone of your performer improving realism and needing less make up to complete your look.

Here are 4 of the ways you can color match your actor and improve your make-ups.

  1. Schedule your actor to come into our studio to be color matched.
  2. Don’t have time for your actor to visit us. Have us come to you to match them for a simple call out fee.
  3. Color match from any foundation color. We can use your favorite foundation as reference to match our silicones to. Simply place a sample of the color on white paper and either mail it to us or take a picture and email us that.
  4. Finally we can match the color from a picture. This way is less accurate but can still be a massive improvement over one of our standard colors.

Please contact us directly to discuss each of your individual project needs regarding color matching and the costs.

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