Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Do you keep any pieces in back stock?

A.  No, we do not. All of our pieces are made to order.

Q.  How long will it take to get my order?

A.  All orders take an average of 2 - 3 business days to complete. We do not process or ship orders on the weekend. Any orders submitted after 1pm will began their processing time the following day.

Q.  Can the pieces be repositioned?

A.  Yes, if you're very careful you can use a brush and 99% alcohol to lift the piece back off the skin and reposition it.

Q.  What do I do if my edge curls under?

A.  If while applying one of our pieces the edge curls under and sticks, you can carefully with a brush and 99% alcohol lift the piece back up.

Q.  Can you match my actor's skin tone?

A.  Yes, we have four standard colors, or you can have us match the skin tone of your actor for an additional fee.

Q.  Can I use a piece for something other than is described?

A.  Yes, our pieces aren’t limited to being used as they are sold. You can use them for whatever your imagination conjures up (just remember to post what you come up with on our Instagram).

Q.  How do I apply pieces under the eye?

A.  When applying one of our pieces under the eye we recommend you first fully remove the first part of the release paper. Then while holding the other half of the piece create a curve so that the exposed portion of the prosthetic can hold its own shape. Carefully guide the exposed part of the prosthetic under the eye and apply. Once this is firmly pressed on you can remove the rest of the release paper and apply the second portion of the prosthetic.

Q.  How do I apply brow blockers?

  1. Clean the skin
  2. Thoroughly glue the brow down
  3. Apply the out of kit prosthetic as normal
  4. Blend and finish

Q.  Can I layer different pieces?

A.  Yes, our system has been designed specifically to allow our pieces to be layeredeasily and convincingly. It's like Lego for the face! You can keep adding pieces until you get the desired effect.

Q.  What’s the difference between regular blenders and bald cap blenders?

A.  With our regular blenders you have to use acetone to blend the edge but with our bald cap blenders you use 99% alcohol. This allows you to blend onto a plastic bald cap without risking a tear. Also the body of the piece is still regular plastic so it does not disintegrate when painted.

Q.  How do I lay a piece onto hair?

A.  If you want to lay one of our pieces on someone's hair, first trace the piece you're going to use. Using this as a guide, thoroughly glue down the area of hair that the piece is going to be layered on top of. Then apply the piece as normal.

Q.  Do you do custom pieces?

A.  Yes we do. If you need something that does not appear in our catalog please contact us directly to discuss what you need.

Q.  The piece isn’t quite the right size - is there anything I can do?

A.  Yes, for an additional fee you can have any of our pieces scaled up or down by 25%, so they will fit your performer better.

Q.  What types of make-up work on your pieces?

A.  So far we haven’t found a make-up that doesn’t work on our pieces.

Q.  How do your creature forehead pieces work?

A.  All our character and fantasy forehead pieces have been split up into several elements so that you can best position to fit any forehead.

Q.  Do your pieces work in the cold?

A.  Yes, our pieces have worked fine in temperatures as cold as -10 degrees.

Q.  Do your pieces work in high humidity?

A.  Yes, if the correct skin prep is done and the pieces are sealed properly you should have no problems in high humidity.

Q.  What do I have to do to prep the skin for high humidity or if someone is a sweater?

  1. First clean the skin.
  2. Use an antiperspirant like Sweat Stop.
  3. In extreme cases paint an additional layer of glue onto the surface of the skin prior to application.
  4. Apply as normal.

Q.  Do your pieces work in hot weather?

A.  Yes, we have had our pieces work in temperatures up to 110 degrees.

Q.  What is the shelf life of your pieces?

A.  We recommend that you use your pieces within six months of purchasing them.

Q.  How do I remove one of your pieces?

A.  Using a soft brush or a powder puff gently massage the skin where the piece is and slowly remove the prosthetic. We recommend the following removers to aid the removal of our pieces.

  1. Isopropyl Myristate.
  2. Beta Solve by PPI.
  3. Super Solve by PPI.
  4. Vapore by European Body Art.

Q.  What blood do you recommend to use on your pieces?

A.  A wide range of different bloods will work with our pieces but we would recommend using Fleet St. Bloodworks by PPI.

Q.  Can I blend one piece into another?

A.  Yes, our pieces have been designed so that not only can you layer them on top of one another, but also so that you can blend the edge into the piece below as well.

Q.  How do I seal one of your pieces?

A.  We recommend 1-2 layers of sealer, either sprayed or painted onto the piece and back onto the skin. Here are some sealers we like:

  1. Blue Marble by PPI.
  2. Green Marble by PPI.
  3. Reel Creations Aqua Sealer.

Q.  Do I need to use any additional glue?

A.  No additional glue is required in applying our pieces.

Q.  Can your pieces survive underwater?

A.  Yes, our pieces will remain on underwater.

Q. How long can your pieces stay on the skin?

A. The pieces are designed to safely stay on the skin anywhere from 18-20 hours. While temporary, they are meant to last a full day of shooting.

Q.  What’s the difference between your pieces and Bondo pieces?

A.  Our pieces have vastly more flexibility than traditional Bondo pieces. This flexibility means more freedom in where you place the piece and how that piece will move. Our pieces are not limited by size and our turnaround time in producing them is much faster as well. Finally you don’t have to use sealer on them to keep them from remaining sticky. You also won’t get the same ring of dirt building up around the edges of our pieces either.

Q.  Can I have one of your pieces hair-punched?

A.  Yes, we can have anything from eyebrows to body hair punched into our pieces all the way up to the edge if you need. Please contact us directly to discuss what you need when it comes to hair on the pieces.

Q.  Can I have one of your pieces colored in two different colors?

A.  Yes, we can do two or three different colors within a single piece. Some of our pieces come this way as standard but if you want something unique please contact us directly to discuss your project.

Q.  Are your pieces reusable?

A.  No, our pieces are intended as one-time use products and are for professional use only.

Q. How much contact can your pieces withstand during use?

A. We recommend using addition glue under the piece if it's in a high contact area. Keep in mind that the silicone is supple and can be distorted if pressed against for too long.

Q.  Are your pieces safe for the skin?

A.  Yes. All the materials used in our pieces are skin safe. However we always recommend that if you have sensitive skin or may be allergic to adhesives then avoid application or do a small patch test somewhere first before applying.

Q. Are your pieces safe to use on kids?

A. Yes. The adhesive and silicone are safe to use on child actors. We recommend doing a patch test to make sure there is no allergic reaction before applying.

Q.  Can I cut the paper around the piece?

A.  Yes. In some instances cutting the excess release paper away from around the piece will aid ease of application.