About Out of Kit

“It sounds great, but we don’t have enough time.”

I’ve heard those words before, and so have you. You’re an artist. You’ve been there. You know how terribly frustrating it is when you’ve got an incredible visual concept you simply cannot fulfill because there isn’t enough time in the production schedule.

Bondo pieces speed up the process, but they are thick, kinda inflexible and limited in size and color, so you have to be careful where you put them if you want them to move naturally. It takes time, experience and skill to get them looking good. They’re also rather sticky and collect dirt around the edges like nobody’s business.

Custom prosthetics on the other hand are incredibly realistic and perfectly tailored to the performer, but many (perhaps most) productions don’t have the time, and especially the budget, to create life casts.

These solutions were developed to cater to two production extremes, but in between there has always been a huge spectrum of productions that had to settle for much, much less than they wanted. Movie makers who watched their finished movies and couldn’t help but think back to those early creature sketches, and what could have been achieved with just a little more budget.

I came up with the idea of Out of Kit to open a world of possibilities to film-makers that simply didn’t exist before. With Out of Kit in your make-up arsenal, you can anticipate your production needs instead of just reacting to them. It took six years of testing and development to create a system that could achieve a high-end custom look that would satisfy my own expectations as an experienced prosthetic artist, quickly, and without having to life cast.

It’s amazingly simple. The peel-and-stick appliance goes on like a Band-Aid, then all you have to do is blend the edges. With the attached adhesive, it couldn’t be easier. There’s nothing to mix, and no fumed silicates to avoid inhaling. If you want to achieve a more complex design, it’s easy to layer and blend pieces together as you desire.

At only half the thickness of Bondo appliances, Out of Kit pieces are very flexible and move naturally. Out of Kit pieces aren’t limited by size, and our turnaround time for producing custom pieces is much faster. You can also remove them more easily than traditional pieces and you won’t see a ring of dirt building up around the edges.

Out of Kit means no limits to the types of effects that you can create. You can layer pieces and blend them together to create any effect that you like. If you don’t see what you need among the hundreds of pieces in our catalog, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, or check out our custom services. For an additional fee, we can color match our pieces to any actor, or provide two or three different colors in a single piece.

My team and I would love to hear about your experiences with Out of Kit. Post pictures of how you’ve used pieces, ask questions, leave comments and connect with us on our social media: Facebook Instagram or contact us here.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Stevie Bettles

Founder - Out of Kit