Out of Kit 2D tattoo transfers allow you to quickly and convincingly transform a clean skinned actor into a heavily tattooed character. Our range includes traditional and cyberpunk tattoos as well as tribal, services and gang styles, and can be bought as individual tattoos or themed sets.

Out of Kit tattoo transfers are easy to apply and remove without any specialist equipment, and durable enough to withstand a tough day on set.

Our tattoos are designed to not look too dark and new or sharp, but if that's what you need, contact us.


Create your own tattoos

When the script requires a character to have a specific tattoo, our custom text to tattoo service allows you to design your own text tattoos in a range of typefaces. We'll then make and send them along to you with anything else you order.

Need something different?

Our team can work with you on any bespoke design you have in mind, from a unique image to a full bodysuit. We can produce the most ambitious pieces in easy to handle sections to allow quick and straightforward application.

We can also supply tattoo transfers that look faded and old, or with the green tinge of prison tattoos, or any other specification you need.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.