How To Apply Our Brow Blockers Created

How To Apply Our Brow Blockers Created

In this article, we will take you step by step through putting on one of our brow blockers.

How to apply our Brow blockers 

Step 1. Cleaning the skin.

Clean the surface of the skin thoroughly to insure all oil, dirt, and make-up has been removed prior to application. I like to use Keihls Blue Astringent

Step 2. Determine which size brow blocker to use.

We have several sizes of brow blockers to choose from. To pick which one is right for you place each brow blocker with the release paper still attached onto the performers brow to ensure that it will fully cover their entire brow. Also be careful not to pick one that is too big for them either.

Step 3. Glue your performers brow down

Now that you have chosen which brow blocker to use it’s time to prep the brow for application. The first thing we have to do is glue the brow flat. There are many adhesives on the market that can do this so pick one that works for you. Brush a thin layer of glue onto the actor’s brow and tack it flat to the skin with your finger.

Step 4. Lightly powder the brow.

After you have glued the brow flat lightly powder the brow so it is no longer sticky and remove any excess powder. This will make your application process easier.

Step 5. Lightly brush color over the brow (Optional).

This step is optional depending on the artist’s preference. Our brow blockers have twice as much pigment in them than the rest of our pieces so as to block most of the brow color out to begin with.

If you do wish to brush some flesh tone make-up on to the brow before applying our blockers we only recommend that you use an alcohol-based make-up to do it so that it will not interfere with the adhesion of our prosthetics.

Step 6. Applying the first half of the brow blocker.

Now that the brow is prepped we are ready to apply our brow blocker. Place the prosthetic on the skin with the release paper still attached and position it over the brow.

Slowly peel the first portion of the release paper off rolling the prosthetic onto the skin then press this half firmly down.

Step 7. Applying the second half of the brow blocker.

Place your finger on the corner of the piece where the remaining release paper is and slowly peel off the second portion. Rolling the piece onto the skin.

Press the prosthetic firmly into the skin to complete the application.

Step 8. Blending and sealing

Now that we have finished applying the piece let’s blend and seal the prosthetic.

Take a q-tip and a little acetone gently blend the edge into the skin working away from the piece. Be sure not to use to much acetone at the same time using not enough would mean the edge won’t blend into the skin.

With a piece of orange or red sponge stipple Pros-Aide Cream over the edge of the piece back onto the skin to aid in texture and blending.

Once dry lightly powder and remove the excess. Paint or spray with a healthy coat of sealer. I like to use Blue Marble for this.

Step 9. Painting and finishing

Finally paint and finish your make-up.

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