How To Apply Under The eye

How To Apply Under The eye

In This article we will share some of our techniques in applying pieces under the eye.

As always start out by cleaning the skin where you’re going to apply your prosthetic. Then follow these steps to apply your piece.

Trim some of the excess paper away. Take your prosthetic and a pair of sharp scissors and trim the paper back keeping a ¼” gap from the edge of the piece and where your cutting. Leave a little extra on the sides so you have some thing to grab when you go to remove the paper.

 Hold the piece you are putting under the eye upside down so that the first piece of release paper is hanging down

 Completely remove the first piece of release paper exposing the part of the piece that will be first applied under the eye.

While still holding the piece upside down gentle curve it in your hand to make a u shape.

This will help it hold its shape as you turn the piece upright

Have your actor look straight ahead and slightly up. If you look straight up the piece will not fit correctly on the face and you will get unnatural lines and wrinkles.

Carefully rock/slide the piece under the eye with out touching the skin. Make sure the side with the adhesive is facing the skin. With the piece now under the eye release the curve so it makes contact with the skin.

Press this first piece firmly onto the skin under the eye.

Grab the second half of the release paper that’s on the inside of the eye by the nose and slowly peel the second half of the release paper off rolling the prosthetic onto the skin. I find removing and rolling at an angle helps in the application.

Press firmly onto the skin completing the application

Be Very careful when using solvents around the eye making sure not to get any in the eye.

With there eye shut blend the edge with a q-tip and acetone. Be very careful not to get this any where near their eye. The area directly under the eye can be left and will not affect the success of the prosthetic.

Using a red sponge stipple pros aid cream on the edge of the piece on the lower half of the prosthetic. No stippling is required on the top of the piece directly below their eye.

Lightly powder and carefully remove the excess.

Seal with blue marble

Paint and finish

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