How To Deal With A Tricky Edge

How To Deal With A Tricky Edge

We will talk about how to deal with a folded or wrinkled edge during your application

Once in a while, you’ll be applying a piece and get either a folded edge or unnatural wrinkles that you want to get rid of.


Folded edges

If while applying you accidentally have an edge fold in slightly or stick in a place where you don’t want it all is not lost it is still salvageable. Take a brush and dip it in 99% alcohol keeping the brush saturated with alcohol come on the inside of the piece where it is stuck and gently reactivate the glue and lift your edge back up. You don’t have to wait for the alcohol to evaporate before laying your piece back down. Just go ahead and lay it onto the skin. The alcohol will evaporate and leave your piece still stuck to the skin without any loss of adhesion.


Creases and wrinkles

Our pieces are very forgiving but sometimes when applying you will get either creases or wrinkling where you don’t want it. Most of these problems can be dealt with in the same way. Take a q-tip and dip it into some acetone. Take you loaded q-tip and gently start to blend away these wrinkles by massaging the q tip in the opposite direction to wrinkle. Most of these wrinkles with a few passes will dissolve into the rest of the piece and the skin. If your crease is to great to blend away or if you accidentally dissolve to much of the piece away take some thickened pros-aid also known as bondo and spatula this over the top to help in blending the piece into the skin.


Repositioning a piece

Repositioning a piece is very tricky but not impossible.

Take care when applying to place your piece exactly where you want it. If you have no alternative you can re-lift one of our pieces and reapply it here’s how. With a fine flat art brush dip in alcohol and slowly and carefully work the edge of the piece until your able to re-lift it. Once you have re-lift the piece replace the piece back on the skin where you want it. Now take a q-tip and acetone and rework the edge of your piece. If more blending is needed then take a little bondo and spatula where needed. Finish as normal and paint your piece.

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