Layering Our Pieces

Layering Our Pieces

In this article we will explain how to lay our pieces on top of each other to create a whole new make up.


Layering our Pieces



The Out Of Kit system has been designed as a modular system.


This allows you to combine our pieces in whatever way you want to create new and unusual characters with out the need of a life cast.


When designing your finished make-up I find that it helps to lay out all the pieces im going to use and get an idea of the order I’m going to place them on the skin.


I then lay out my pieces in the order that I am going to apply them so I don’t get confused or accidentally leave one out. Then follow these steps to apply your pieces.


Step 1. Cleaning the skin.

Clean the surface of the skin thoroughly to insure all oil, dirt, and make-up has been removed prior to application. I like to use Keihls Blue Astringent


Step 2. Offering up the first piece.

With the release paper still attached place the piece on the skin where you plan on applying the prosthetic and find your optimum placement.


Step 3. Applying the first piece.

Now we are ready to apply our prosthetic. Slowly peel the first portion of the release paper off rolling the prosthetic onto the skin then press this half firmly down. Place your finger on the corner of the piece where the remaining release paper is and slowly peel off the second portion. Rolling the piece onto the skin. Press the prosthetic firmly into the skin to complete the application.


Step 4. Applying additional pieces on top of one another.

Having now applied your first piece you are able to repeat steps 2 + 3 over the top of this piece. Keep repeating this as many times as you want until you have applied all your prosthetics.


Step 5. Blending all of your pieces into each other.

Our system has been designed so as to allow you to blend each piece into each other with out damaging any of the other pieces. Take a q-tip and a little acetone and gently blend the edge into either the other prosthetics or the skin.


Step 6. Texture and sealing.

With a piece of orange or red sponge stipple Pros-Aide Cream over all the pieces and back onto the skin to aid in texture and blending. This also lock all your prosthetics together. Once dry lightly powder and remove the excess. Paint or spray with a healthy coat of sealer. I like to use Blue Marble for this.


Step 7. Painting and finishing

Finally paint and finish your make-up.

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