Ways to remove our prosthetics

Ways to remove our prosthetics

How to safely remove one of our pieces


A proper prosthetics makeup includes removal and returning the skin to a comfortable state. Supplies needed include remover, hot water, towels, synthetic cleaning brushes, powder puffs and moisturizer. You will want to have the towels with hot water ready before starting the removal process.


The remover of choice is based on preference and/or skin sensitivity. Isopropyl myristate, a popular remover, is a cosmetic oil that will not dry out the skin and is great used on the face or any body part. If you want to use something natural any vegetable oils or coconut oil will work as well. These pieces aren’t designed to be reused so breaking down the adhesive permanently with oil doesn’t matter. Super Solve is a more complex remover that can work faster. Rubbing alcohol can also be used for increased speed of removal of pieces on the body only for sporadic or a few applications but can be drying. Avoid getting any remover into the eye.


Either a synthetic brush or powder puff can be used to find the edge of the pieces and lift it. Run the brush/puff against the edge toward the center of the piece after loading it with the remover. Once the edge is lifted push the removal tool toward the center of the piece and then out the other side. Be sure to use plenty of remover and saturate your removal brush or puff.


At this point a hot towel can be applied to the area, allowing the steam to aid in loosening the piece if it isn’t off yet. If it is removed, a hot towel will absorb enough oily remover to reveal any left over adhesive. If adhesive remains, use the brush or puff loaded with remover to dissolve any residue. Repeat as needed.


When the remover has broken down all the adhesive, apply a final hot towel to steam/soak the application area and wipe away the last of the make up. Follow with an appropriate moisturizer.

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