Selling Points

With film and television production costs rising more and more every day, there is an ever-growing need to shoot faster, wrap sooner and do more for less. Working harder isn’t an option. If you continue to use the same method, there is a limit to how fast it can be completed. The only way to make things work faster is to change the method. 

OUT OF KIT premium "peel and stick" silicone prosthetics replace traditional prosthetics and produce realistic effects quickly, without needing to lifecast. They significantly speed up the process of creating realistic effects for stage, film and television production and open up a world of possibilities for professional make-up artists. 

They are unlike anything you’ve ever used before.

OUT OF KIT appliances are extremely easy to apply:

  • Peel and stick
  • No need for additional adhesives
  • No toxic fumed silicates to work with
  • One-step application can be performed on set, if needed.
  • If you can put on a Band-Aid, you can apply OUT OF KIT appliances

OUT OF KIT appliances produce more realistic results than traditional prosthetics:

  • These are premium "peel and stick" silicone prosthetics
  • More flexible for more natural movement
  • 50% thinner edges from our patented manufacturing process make blending a breeze
  • Made with half the amount of encapsulant material than traditional prosthetics use

You can get the look and feel you want by finishing and painting OUT OF KIT appliances:

  • Easily layer and blend pieces for custom effects without adding extra bulk
  • Can be used with any type of makeup 

Production demands can be extreme, so OUT OF KIT pieces can perform well under unusual conditions:

  • Stay on under water
  • Tested in hot weather up to 110 degrees
  • Tested in cold weather down to -10 degrees
  • Work in high humidity with correct preparation

OUT OF KIT was designed with  make-up artists in mind:

  • Not sticky on the top side
  • Quicker to remove than traditional appliances
  • Dirt doesn’t build up around the edges
  • Skin-safe materials 

What you see is not all that you can get. If you don’t see what you need in our extensive catalog, for an additional fee you can also get:

  • Larger or smaller sizing
  • Hair-punched pieces
  • Custom color matching
  • Custom designs  

OUT OF KIT lets you keep up with the demands of production—with enough time left over to express your creativity.